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2002-2003 NEWS

Sissel in the USA Again

Sissel will return to the USA in June to begin recording her second album for the USA market, which will be released in early 2004. Sissel is currently at home in Copenhagen choosing songs and songwriters for this new album. Sissel will also be appearing in concert in the USA this summer on a three-city mini concert tour to benefit PBS TV. For more information, read the entire VG article in English.

(posted 8. May 2003)

More Sissel Screening Dates

Click here for the screening dates in your city for "All Good Things: Sissel in Concert" on USA PBS TV stations.

(posted 12. February 2003, updated 1. March 2003)

Sissel Concert on USA PBS March 1st

PBS TV station KLRU in Austin, TX is reporting that "All Good Things: Sissel in Concert" will be broadcast there on 1. March 2003. This likely means it will be broadcast on most PBS TV stations nationwide on this date.

Norwegian superstar, songstress and classical crossover artist takes us on a wide-ranging musical journey filled with spectacular beauty, warmth, and fun. It was shot at the Oslo Spectrum, home of the Nobel Peace Prize concerts, and contains a 54-piece orchestra, an all-female youth chorus, an eight-piece electric band, and an assortment of musical guests including tenor Russell Watson. Sissel sings best-loved songs from the classical canon, pop gems, and of course, songs from her current hit CD. The show opens with the theme from the movie TITANIC which Sissel sang on the 30-million selling TITANIC soundtrack. We also hear Sissel's stunning rendition of Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro," "Over the Rainbow," "Shenandoah," "All Good Things," "Solitaire" and "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" as a duet with Russell Watson. Directed by Emmy Award-winning director, Ron de Moraes and produced by Two Hands Entertainment, whose principals brought the most recent Sarah Brightman special, as well as the Three 'Mo Tenors, and the My Favorite Broadway programs featuring Julie Andrews to PBS. Talent: Sissel Kyrkjebo and Russel Watson. Tentative Song List: O Mio Babbino Caro, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, All Good Things, Can't Go Back, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Marry Me, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Sarah's Song, If, You'll Never Walk Alone, Shenandoah, Solitaire, and Walking Through Fire.
Mar 1 2003, 9:00PM
87 min.

(posted 7. February 2003)

Sissel Featured in Billboard Magazine

A Billboard magazine article featuring Sissel appears in the November 23, 2002 edition. The article is basically an overview of Sissel's career and an introduction for American readers. Also of note, Sissel is on the Billboad Heatseekers chart at #47 (slipping from #35 last week). The Heatseekers chart lists the best-selling titles by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the top 100 of The Billboard 200 chart. When an album reaches the top 100, the album and the artist's subsequent albums are immediately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers chart. This is the first time Sissel has been featured in Billboard magazine since 1994 when Billboard ran a cover article about Sissel after her appearance at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
(posted 27. November 2002)

"Evelyn" Soundtrack Released with Sissel

The soundtrack for the film Evelyn featuring Sissel singing "Angel Rays" was released today. Evelyn is an Irish film starring Pierce Brosnan, fighting for custody of his children after his wife leaves him in 1950s Ireland. Listen to a sample of "Angel Rays." You may buy the album from for $13.99.
(posted 26. November 2002)

Sissel on Evelyn Soundtrack

Sissel sings "Angel Rays," the closing credits song, on the soundtrack of the new film Evelyn starring Pierce Brosnan, which will be in theatres on 13 December. The film soundtrack will be released to record stores on 26 November. You may pre-order the Evelyn soundtrack on the site.
(posted 16. November 2002)

Sissel Interview on NPR

Sissel was interviewed by NPR when she was in Washington, D.C. on her recent promotional tour of the USA. This interview will be broadcast tomorrow morning, Wednesday, October 30. You may hear the broadcast online beginning at Noon Eastern time tommorow on the NPR Website.
(posted 29. October 2002)

Sissel on GMA with Placido

Sissel was in New York yesterday to record an appearance for the U.S. morning show Good Morning America with Placido Domingo. Together they sang Christmas songs which will be broadcast on GMA in December. Placido said, "I really hope Sissel is successful. And I hope I have more chances to help her in the future. I would more than gladly do it," of his appearance in support of Sissel.
(posted 29. October 2002)

REVIEW: Sissel's Showcase in San Francisco

An exclusive article by The Sissel Website reviewing Sissel's performance in San Francisco has been posted.
(posted 21. October 2002)

Sissel Appearance Dates in the USA

Borders Bookstore tour dates to catch Sissel live include:
Saturday, October 12th San Francisco, CA
Borders Union Square
400 Post Street
4 PM
Monday, October 14th Chicago, IL
Borders Michigan Avenue
830 N Michigan
7 PM
Tuesday, October 15th Birmingham, MI
Borders Birmingham
34300 Woodward
7 PM
Thursday, October 17th Boston, MA
Borders Downtown Crossing
10-24 School Street
12:30 PM
Friday, October 18th Washington, DC
Borders Washington DC
600 14th Street NW, Suite 100
12:30 PM

(posted 5. October 2002)

Sissel Album for USA!

The day American Sissel fans have been waiting for will soon arrive. In 11 days, on October 1st, Sissel will release her first album in the USA. The album will simply be titled "Sissel." It doesn't contain any new Sissel music, rather it is mostly the album "All Good Things" plus Shenandoah, Molde Canticle, and Neil Sedaka's Solitaire, but with all new recordings of these songs done in June and July. The sound is very simple, described by Bergensavis as "naked." One good thing about these new recordings, is that it brings Sissel's voice to the forefront. It was Chris Roberts, chief of Decca Records, who fell in love with Sissel and wanted to release a Sissel album as soon as possible. The goal is to sell 100,000 copies by Christmas. They hope to establish Sissel as an artist in the USA now and make a greater impact on her next USA album. You may hear samples of the music yourself @
(posted 20. September 2002)

Read English translations of the original Norwegian articles on this subject:
Full Steam Ahead in the USA - Dagbladet (Norwegian newspaper) - 21. September 2002

Sissel Ready for the USA - Bergensavis (Norwegian newspaper) - 20. September 2002

Placido Domingo Album Out Soon!

The new album by Placido Domingo, Sacred Songs--featuring the two songs "Bist du bei mir" and Mascagni's "Ave Maria" in duet with Sissel--will be released in the USA next week on 10. September 2002. You may pre-order Sacred Songs @ now.)
(posted 4. September 2002)

Sissel & Placido Domingo:
New Album and Video

There is an eight-minute video clip of Sissel and Placido Domingo singing and talking about their collaboration and an article from the official Placido Domingo Web site about the new Domingo album "Sacred Songs" featuring Sissel on two songs: Mascagni's "Ave Maria" and "Bist du bei mir." The album will be out this Fall, but no release date was announced. (RealPlayer is required to view the video clip.)
(posted 8. August 2002)

Sissel Album Released in UK Today

Sissel's album "All Good Things" was released in the UK today on the Philips record label. The album features the same 11 tracks from the original Norwegian release, plus a new arrangement of "Carrier Of A Secret," which is playing on UK radio currently. You may purchase the UK release at
(posted 25. March 2002)

Sissel Performed Live on UK Radio

Sissel visited the Richard Allinson show on Wednesday, 20. March 2002 on the BBC's Radio2 to perform LIVE. Sissel performed an acoustic version of her first single to be released in the UK, "Carrier Of A Secret," featuring guitar and piano. She spoke with Richard about her experiences recording the Titanic soundtrack, her big breakout performing during the intermission of the Eurovision song contest in 1986, the new song she has recorded for the upcoming ITV/PBS drama "The Forsyte Sage," her children and much more. Sissel then performed her old standard "Solitaire."
(posted 20. March 2002)

Sissel Performs Live on UK Radio

In Sissel's continuing quest to conquer the UK music market, she will perform live tonight, Wednesday, 20. March 2002 on the BBC's Radio2 on the Richard Allinson show between 22:30-24:00 (GMT). Visit the webpage for the Richard Allinson show to listen to the broadcast with your RealPlayer.
(posted 20. March 2002)

Sissel Song Featured in UK Drama

Granada Television of Britain and WGBH of Boston have produced an updated version of the famous 1967 BBC drama 'The Forsyte Saga' based on the novels of John Galsworthy. This new miniseries will debut on ITV in the UK on 7. April and will appear on PBS's 'Masterpiece Theatre' in the USA later in the year. Geoffrey Burgon is scoring Granada's new TV adaptation of the first two books in John Galsworthy's 'The Forsyte Saga.' Burgon, whose track record in British TV drama is second to none and whose credits include 'Brideshead Revisited,' 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' and 'Longitude,' worked with Bryn Terfel on the title track and also with Sissel on another song which is central to the score. Both songs are set to lyrics written by Geoffrey's wife, the singer-songwriter Jacqueline Kroft. The first of six weekly episodes will be broadcast on ITV on Sunday, 7. April at 9pm, and the soundtrack will be released on Decca Records in the UK on Monday, 8. April 2002. You can pre-order the soundtrack at
(posted 20. March 2002)

Together Again: Sissel & Placido

According to the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet, Sissel has recently been in Milano, Italy recording two duets with Placido Domingo for his new album. Sissel may also have a solo on his album as well. Sissel has worked with Placido two times previously. Placido recorded the duet "Fire In Your Heart" with Sissel, which was the theme song of the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics. Placido was so impressed with Sissel that after recording that duet with her, he invited her to sing with him and Charles Aznavour at his annual Christmas concert in Vienna that year. The results of that live concert were released in the album: Christmas in Vienna III (known as Vienna Noel in the USA). This is one of the finest Christmas albums ever recorded.
(posted 7. March 2002)

Sissel on UK Radio

Sissel has released her single "Carrier Of A Secret," from her album All Good Things, to UK radio stations and the BBC's Radio 2 began playing this song on its main playlist this week. Radio 2 bills itself as "The Most Listened To Station In The UK." Hopefully, this will translate into lots of album sales and recognition for Sissel in the UK and be a springboard to greater international success.
(posted 5. March 2002)

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