Friday, March 17, 2006

Power Hour

The power is on.

The Go! Team – The Power Is On
The Go! Team are a Brighton, UK band with no less than two drummers. Big Beats! I always liked songs with a good rhythm. This six-piece band’s sound is a mixture of superhero theme songs, ‘70s funkadelic and cheerleader chants. This isn’t your grandmother’s cheerleading squad, though.

Other Go! Team Songs to check out: Ladyflash, Bottle Rocket, Everyone’s A V.I.P. To Someone, Huddle Formation, Did You Feel It Too?, We Just Won’t Be Defeated

Anneli Drecker – Stop This
Anneli Drecker is one of the most original recording artists out there. She’s the frontwoman for the Norwegian band Bel Canto, but has also recorded with Röyksopp and A-ha, among others. “Stop This” is from Anneli’s new dark ‘80s sounding goth-disco album, "Frolic," featuring William Hut of fellow Norwegian band Poor Rich Ones on “Angel Bossanova” and Depeche Mode’s long-time producer, Gareth Jones, on the track “The Monkey Trap.”

Other Anneli Drecker Songs to Check Out: Sexy Love, My Emily, Trinitron, Until I’m In You, Strange Little Bird, I’ll Strangle You, Becoming More Like God, Morning Glory

Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up
I really enjoy finding old tunes from the ‘30s, or ‘60s or whenever that you’ve probably never heard, yet are little gems. This is another ABBA wannabe band who won Eurovision back in 1981 with this song.

Other Bucks Fizz Songs to Check Out: The Land Of Make Believe, My Camera Never Lies, Are You Ready.


At 20 March, 2006 12:00, geirwerner said...

Hi ! Came here via Macdailynews and to my surprise I see you´re a fan of Anneli Drecker ! I love BelCanto my self and if you haven´t heard them you shouuld !

Stenar ? Sounds a lot like the norwegian Steinar. Are you part norwegian ?

Anyway, have a nice day !

Greetings from Norway, Geir Werner

my blog :

At 20 March, 2006 12:27, Stenar said...

Hi Geir-

Yes, I am a fan of Anneli Drecker and Bel Canto since 1993.

My Mum is Norwegian. I have lived in Norway off and on.

Vennlig hilsen!

At 29 March, 2006 03:06, Adrian said...

Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz is a living showbiz legend. She now advertises incontinence creams and hair loss solutions and pops up on TV every now and again to celebrate Eurovision.


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