13 July 2007

What Plug!??

Despite rumors to the contrary, I do not use a butt plug nor wear magic underwear. I don't wear any underwear. Do you see any underwear on me? I'm a cat, for goodness' sake! Underwear makes it extremely difficult for me to use the litter box. Sure some people say, "Where there's smoke, there's fire, like when Richard Gere was sticking gerbils up his rectum," but I assure you that just because there are rumors about my private parts, there is no fire there.


At 9/12/07 11:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mittens rocks. I'm not a Siamese, just a lowly domestic short hair, but I want to help the cause. We must elect Mittens or use 8 of our lives trying. The dogs will never know what hit them!

With the power of cats and God on our side, Mittens, you're already in office.


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