28. OCTOBER 2009

27. OCTOBER 2009

14. OCTOBER 2009

13. OCTOBER 2009

12. OCTOBER 2009

SMARMY COMICS: It was a busy weekend. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize...  A million gay people marched on Washington. And Rush Limbaugh died of a drug overdose.

*Rush Limbaugh didn't really die of a drug overdose, but Smarmy imagines that Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize made Limbaugh take a lot of drugs and maybe he almost died.

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9. OCTOBER 2009

8. OCTOBER 2009

7. OCTOBER 2009

SMARMY COMICS: Yay! Sissel has a new song out. Too bad they put that steel guitar in, though. Yah, that makes the baby Jesus cry.

Listen to the song, "Upp gledjest alle," for yourself below:

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6. OCTOBER 2009

5. OCTOBER 2009

SMARMY COMICS: I wish we only had 3 seasons and could skip winter. You could move to Oregon. Oregon only has two seasons... Rain or No Rain.

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